Features of Cobalt Blue Pigment

Cobalt blue is a very important inorganic blue pigment, it has very wide applications. What’s the main feature of Cobalt Blue Pigment? Let us analyze this.

Cobalt blue pigment, also called pigment blue 28, it mainly composited by Cobalt Aluminate(CoAl2O4). According to its chemical formula, the content of Alumina oxide should be 57.63%, cobalt oxide is 42.36%.But in Cobalt blue pigment, Alumina oxide is contained about 65% to 70%, Cobalt oxide is 30% to 35%.

(Cobalt blue pigment from Nolifrit:)


Cobalt blue belongs to spinel group, it’s cubic with spinel crystal. Cobalt blue Density ratio is 3.8~4.54g/㎝3, Covering power is 75~80g/㎝2, Oil absorption 31%~37%, Bulkiness 630~740g/L.

Cobalt blue has very bright color. it’s highly weather-proof, alkali resistant, which can bear varies of solvent and its heat resistance can be 1280℃. Cobalt blue is also a environmental friendly and nontoxic high temperature resistant inorganic pigment.

Cobalt blue pigment is mainly applied to heat resistant paint, ceramic, enamel and glass. Coloring for heat resistant industrial plastic. And it can be also the pigment for art, in this field, Cobalt blue pigment is much expensive than other inorganic pigment.

(Enamel cookware in Cobalt blue color:)


According to the above description, let us sum up main features of Cobalt blue pigment:

Name Compositions Heat Resistance Corrosion Resistance Price Applications
Cobalt Blue CoAl2O4 1280℃ Nice Contact us to know its price Heat resistant paint, ceramic, enamel and glass

Hunan Noli Enamel Co,. Ltd is the leader manufacturer of Cobalt Blue pigment in China, Focusing on the production of Cobalt blue pigment over 30 years.

It can be widely applied in enamel coloring, and its heat-resistance can be more than 1280℃, which is approved and welcomed by most of our customers.


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