Advice for Making Enamel Mug with Rolled Edge

Enamel mug is quite popular in our daily life. It covers all the advantages of a glass or ceramic mug, but it won’t easily be broken like glass or ceramic mugs. And it can be decorated by varies of colors, which makes it colorful and beautiful, looks much better than steel mug. Also, it’s more healthy and environmental friendly than plastic mug.

Nolifrit has many customers who manufacture high quality enamel mugs with very nice appearance.

One of our customer was facing problem to make those enamel mugs. They use 0.3-0.4mm thickness steel plate. Problem comes from the edge. As picture showed, its metal body exposed on the rolled edge. not fully covered by enamel slurry when coating. This problem is very common among most of enamel mug manufacturers.


He asked for our help and we offered our professional technical service and advice to solve this problem.

Our advice is as follows:

1– When casting the steel body, try to make the edge more curving. To make the rim more close to mug wall, like the picture showed:


2–  There are some burrs in edge. Try to grind the burrs from sharp edge. This work should be done before welding.

3– Make mug rabbet upward when drying enamel slurry.

4—By using enamel frit with higher quality, the result could be better.

5—By using steel plate with thickness 0.5-0.6mm, the result could be better.

After taking our advice, our customer solved this problem completely and can make enamel mug with perfect edge:



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